This week in tafca


Wed, 19 Jan

Dundee B  1-3  Uni of St Andrews A 


1.1784 Sir Philip Cohen  0-1  Elliot Cocks 1836

2.1734 Alastair Dawson  1-0  Stuart Ballantyne 1642

3. 1577 James Anderson  0-1  Alexandre Kings 1688

4. 1155e Ashley Clayton  0-1  Ash Curry-Machado 1500E

Phil misplayed his bright start and wound up two pawns down, with a poor structure to defend and connected passed Qside pawns for his opponent. It proved too much.

A disaster for Jim, who lost space and mobility early on, and faced an unstoppable mate after just 13 moves. Unlucky indeed.

Ashley was rather thrown in at the deep end with player shortages, but performed creditably. A few unfortunate tactical errors left him too far behind in material in the ending.

Alastair avoided the whitewash with a fine performance. A pawn to the good from early on, his opponent sealed his fate by blundering a piece.

A disappointing result in a difficult fixture, and the B Team have it all to do now after four straight losses.


Wed, 19 Jan

Dundee D  0-4  Dundee C


  1. 1164 Thibault Rosazza  0-1  Ross Bremner 1565E
  2. 1053 Max Whisson  0-1  John Robertson 1561
  3.  985 Christine Sim  0-1 Ray Flood 1411
  4.  899 Norrie Carroll  0-1  Bruce Wallace 1352

Ross and Thibault started with a typical solid Spanish, but Thibault tried to get active too quickly and left himself struggling for space. Missing a chance to exchange peices, his knight ran out of room, forcing a desperado bishop sac. Further inaccuracies let Ross finish in an impressive flourish with a pretty mate.

Max started solidly but took too many liberties allowing  John a dangerous kingside build up, and a wrecked pawn front. He defended quite stubbornly for a spell, but John gradually turned the screw for the point.

Christine had a solid but slightly passive Sicilian setup, and was also a tad passive in defending the kingside attack. I could have handled it better, but it’s easy for Black to go astray in these circumstances.

Norrie’s perplexing habit of throwing caution and pawns to the winds proved his undoing again, and Bruce invaded the resulting weaknesses impressively to complete the clean sweep.

Three 4-0 wins in a row and 11 points from 12 for the C Team. It’s all going well, but three tough games to come.