Wednesday 27/10 Matches


Division One

Dundee B 1½-2½ Perth

A tough one for the B Team. Jim found himself in a cramped position after the opening – something he usually doesn’t mind too much! This time though he was unable to unravel and his opponent gradually squeezed the life out of his game.

Alastair fought a heavy positional battle where he always seemed a little better, and indeed entered the ending a pawn up. But with the pawns all on the same side he was unable to make headway, even with the same coloured bishops.

Ross came through well in a difficult game where he was mostly better, but John did miss chances to at least draw. Ross seized on his mistake in the K&P ending and never let him back.

Phil was defending a scary looking king-side attack and seemed to be holding on, but a slight innacuracy let Martin crash through and emerge with a decisive material advantage for the ending.

Dundee B Perth
Sir Philip Cohen 1784 0-1 Martin Gourlay 1877
Alastair Dawson 1734 ½-½ Andrew Sutherland 1610
James Anderson 1577 0-1 James Graham 1500
Ross Bremner 1565 1-0 John Williamson 1354

Division Two

Dundee C  2-2  St Andrews D

For the second match running we found ourselves playing just three boards. Unfortunately this time it was us who defaulted when we were unable to reach Bruce.

I equalised comfortably from the opening, but misplayed things badly and stood worse when my opponent offered the draw.

Andrew found himself in all sorts of trouble on his debut – an exchange and two pawns down – but was fighting manfully in what still looked a hopeless ending. He gained a reward for his persistence when his opponent tragically (for him!) stumbled into a knight fork to lose his rook, and Andrew mopped up well.

We were looking good when Thibault built up a seemingly unassailable material advantage (+11 at one point!) but an extraordinary (for him) series of mistakes allowed the game to fade into a difficult ending, even two pawns up. Further errors let the advantage slip completely into a drawn end.

Could have been better, but a draw from a default start isn’t bad.

Dundee C Uni’ of St Andrews D
Ray Flood 1411 ½-½ Beilin Huang 0
Bruce Wallace 1352 D-1 Angus Michell 0
Thibault Rosazza 1164 ½-½ Arjan Musafir 0
Andrew Robinson 1150 1-0 Stavros Michalovits 0