Week Five TAFCA Matches


Another busy week for the club with our three 2nd Division sides in action. The C team continue their fine start and are on course to challenge for promotion. Our D and E sides are giving a good account of themselves, and our new members are getting a great introduction to competitive chess.

 Division 2

Wed 17 Nov

                        Dundee C      4-0  Castlehill H

1. 1565 E Ross Bremner           1-0    Clement Prati 950e

2. 1561 John Robertson           1-0     Alexander Barron-Majerik 638

3. 1411 Ray Flood                     1-0     Ananthi Ramachandran u/g

4. 1352 Bruce Wallace             1-0      Judith Firth u/g

A fairly straightforward and expected result given the grading and experience difference. Ross didn’t actually get started till 8pm as his opponent was delayed, but he didn’t hang about once the game got started!


Dundee D 1-3 Uni of St Andrews D

1. 1164 Thibault Rosazza 1-0 Beilin Huang u/g

2. 1053 Max Whisson       0-1 Angus Michell B u/g

3 .985 Christine Sim         0-1   Stavros Michalovits    u/g

4 899 Norrie Carroll          0-1 Daniel Majerowicz u/g

Again perhaps a predictable loss against a good St Andrews side, but a fine win for Thibault who played solidly in the opening and took advantage of his opponent’s slips in the early middlegame before finishing with a snappy mating net. 


Thu, 18 Nov

                                          Castlehill G  1-3  Dundee E

1. 1132 Norman Waugh              1-0  Steven Knox 700e

2. 1018 Blair Marshall                  0-1  Scott McKenzie 649

3. u/g Ananthi Ramachandran   D-1  Lee Knox  0

4. u/g Judith Firth                          0-1  Camila Montenegro 0

A great win for the E team, though helped by the unfortunate technical problems which prevented Ananthi from making the match. The experienced Norman may have been expected to overcome Steven, but he was unlucky to get a bishop trapped early on – not obvious to see. From there Steven fell victim to several tactical shots. But an excellent competitive debut for our new member Camila. Solid play in the opening, and though the tactics in the middle were not completely sound, she got the better of them to establish a commanding material advantage. A slightly nervy finish perhaps, but she held on to record a fine result, and the experience will be invaluable. Scot turned in a good game. I hate to overuse the word, but solid play pays dividends at this level, and being able to take advantage of the opponents tactical oversights. Some of our more experienced players still have a tendency to value pawn play over development in the opening(!), but no matter here.