week seven matches

Wed, 1 Dec Dundee E Dundee C
Brd Grade Players Result Players Grade
1 872 Henri Meadows B 0 – 1 Ross Bremner W 1565 E
2 780 Peter Gibson W 0 – 1 Ray Flood B 1411
3 649 Scott McKenzie B 0 – 1 Bruce Wallace W 1352
4 559 Max Wang W 0 – 1 Ashley Clayton B 1155E
0 – 4

A win and a margin probably to be expected. All games were comfortable enough for the C team, but Ross produced a nice combinative finish. Good to see Ashley score a debut win for the club. The C team continue along the promotion trail with now nine points from five matches. Looking good, but tough fixtures ahead in the new year.

A good season to date for the E team, with a draw, two losses, and a good win over Castlehill G. We continue to blood new and young players into the squad and have great hopes for them.

Wed, 1 Dec Kirckaldy B Dundee D
Brd Grade Players Result Players Grade
1 1213 Pete Selbie B 0 – 1 Thibault Rosazza W 1164
2 1111 Paul Anderson W 1 – 0 Max Whisson B 1053
3 1067 Alastair Wood B ½ – ½ Christine Sim W 985
4 773 Brian Morley W 1 – 0 Norrie Carroll B 899
2½ – 1½

The line-ups looked roughly even, but this could have gone either way. Not the best of nights for Max and Norrie, but a good win for Thibault against the ever-solid Pete, and a sound performance from Christine, who might have kept winning chances had she not blocked the ending so much. The D team have had tough fixtures to start with,and find themselves with just a point from their three matches (against the E team), but plenty of chess to play.