Week Three Matches



Division Two

Dundee E  2-2  Dundee D

  1. Henri Meadows 872  0-1  Andrew Robinson 1150e
  2. Steven Knox 700e      0-1  Thibault Rosazza 1164
  3. Max Wang 559            1-0  Peter Gibson 780
  4. Keith Harvey               1-0  Scott McKenzie 649

You’d expect the higher team to beat the lower team, but with our new members still somewhat in the development stage, it’s not entirely certain which is the stronger.

Andrew won quickly as an out of touch Henri fell into tactical errors. Steven built up a powerful attack and a clearly winning advantage, but as in his previous game he drifted in trying to consolidate and finally simply gave away a bishop from which there was no way back. Peter started brightly and had Max’s king defenceless, but missed a mate in two! He still had a solid edge, and should have increased it, but missed several opportunities and again simply gave away material to fall into a lost ending. Keith blundered a piece early on, but hung in and Scott returned the favour! Keith had clearly benefited from the experience of his previous match, and played solidly to capitalise on Scott’s further mistakes to bring home the point.

A draw was a fair result overall, and our new players are settling in. All good experience.

Uni of St Andrews B  1-3  Dundee C

  1. Conan Liptrott  1-0  John Robertson 1521
  2. Hunter Webb     0-1  Ross Bremner 1565e
  3. Cailan Bailes      0-1  Ray Flood 1411
  4. Adam Brittain    0-1  Bruce Wallace 1352

An excellent result for the C team keeps us going along nicely, still unbeaten after three matches with 5 points.

A quick win for Bruce as his opponent dropped his queen early! All donations accepted. After an early edge, I kept doing my best to let my opponent back into it on several occasions. Don’t think I was ever actually worse though, and got there eventually. Ross’s opponent misplayed the opening to give our man a clear grip on the game which he never looked like losing, but he had us all on the edge with an extravagant finish which included a suspicious rook sac and a knight underpromotion before he brought home the point. I like to think he always knew what he was doing! John blundered a piece early on and was always struggling, but held on and looked as if he was back in it as his opponent went astray in John’s time trouble! Unfortunately John slipped up again and finally allowed a queen exchange into a lost ending.

A fine win against a team who would have to be considered among the favourites. Good start by the C team.