With thanks to Ray Noble, report on last night’s event.

Entries 27 (19 last year!)

What a fantastic night at Perth Chess Club for the third installment of the TAFCA Allegro Championships 2019-20 series!

Perth Chess Club proved they have what it takes to accommodate and organise an event like this. There were raffles, a Quiz with a nice twist and food & drink on offer!

A big thank you to Perth Chess Club for hosting the event. Thank you to David Hall (Quizmaster!), Ian Washington (Raffles!), Martin Gourlay, John Shovlin and anybody else for being part of the successful organising committee!

Thanks to Jim Anderson for doing the computer work and to you the players that turned up and made it a night to remember.

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Club Night 21/01/2020


Local derby night at the club, with C v D team match and a heavyweight Club Championship game.

Club Championship
A Borwell 1836  0-1  E Spencer 2025
A game Alan will quickly blot out, as an unfortunate blunder lost a piece after just 15 moves. No way back at this level.

Dundee C  4-0  Dundee D
L Archip 1529  1-0  Z Swaczyna 1241
R Flood 1509  1-0  M Whisson 948
T Harley 1439  1-0  N Carroll 948
R Burnett 1374  1-0  R Bremner
A slightly harsh scoreline on the D team, but at least the C team found their wings in time. ZZ’s Maroczy-type setup didn’t quite bind enough, Max lost too much time with his Scandinavian, Norrie’s rather passive structure caved against Trevor, and Ross allowed too many weaknesses round his king. The D team are punching above their weight in this division, and this setback shouldn’t dishearten them too much.

A reminder that due to boiler works in the church there will be no club night next week, 28th Jan.  We return Feb 4th.

Richardson cup 18th January 2020


The ¼ final of this year’s Richardson Cup was held at the Inchture Hotel on Saturday January 18th. The format of Richardson Cup matches consists of teams of 8 players and a playing session of 40 moves in 2 hours plus 30 minutes each in addition once the time control has been reached. This year Dundee were strengthened by our new Board 1, Jacques Ophoff – giving a team of Jacques, David Findlay, Andrew Wright, Ed Spencer, Stephen Hogg, Gary Weir, Alan Borwell and Euan Dawson – this is by any standard a very strong team but it could be argued that Edinburgh were even stronger, perhaps one of the top two teams in Scotland and led on Board 1 by FM Neil Berry.
All of the matches were lengthy and extremely tight. First to finish was Stephen Hogg who lost a very tight match as Black against Andrew Green. There followed several draws. Alan Borwell drew his match against the high-graded Hugh Brechin. Jacques used a Slav Defence to obtain equality against Neil Berry and eventually a draw was agreed in an evenly balanced and Queenless middlegame. Then, Euan Dawson reached a drawn R and P endgame against the highly-rated Raj Bhopal. But then a couple of reverses. Ed Spencer found it tough going against Adam Bremner in a Sicilian Morra Gambit and eventually resigned. Then Andrew Wright and Petros Walden on Board 3 reached a time scramble leading up the time control. Such was the speed of play by both as the time control approached that the game moves had to be reconstructed – and at that point it was found that Andrew has lost on time with his opponent only having himself 5 seconds left on his clock.
Shortly afterwards David Findlay and Calum MacQueen agreed a draw on Board 2. Which left Gary Weir up against Graeme Kafka on Board 6. Gary has not played much chess in the last 2 years but the standard of his play did not reflect that. He entered the middle-game a pawn up with Graeme struggling to hold a fragile position. But hang on Graeme did, and with the match already decided, a draw was agreed between the two players. The final result was 5.5 – 2.5 in favour of Edinburgh. Dundee should be proud of drawing 5 of the matches against higher-grade opposition. But at the end of the day, the strength in depth of the Edinburgh was probably the telling factor that enabled them to secure a place in the semi-finals. Overall it was an enthralling afternoon of high-quality chess and Dundee Chess Club should be proud of having put up such a fighting performance.

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Club Night 14/1/2020


The new decade was welcomed in with another busy club night, with two TAFCA matches and a growing junior contingent being put through their paces by Christine and Jim.

Dundee A  3-1  Castlehill C

J Ophoff 2253  1-0  E Walton 1429
D Findlay 2109  1-0  C Young 1380
E Spencer 2025  1-0  C Hawkins 1350
A Dawson 1806  0-1  C Wilson 1323

An otherwise expected win by the A team, but for a fine performance by Cameron against Alistair. A nailbiting ending with both players down to a few minutes, where Cameron’s connected passed pawns and bishop outfought Alistair’s rook. The match also marked the debut of our new signing, Candidate Master Jacques Ophoff – a most welcome addition to the club celebrated with a good win against Steady Ed.

Dundee C  2-2  Castlehill E

L Archip 1520  1-0  N Waugh 1161
R Flood 1509  1-0  D Hayes
A Woodcock  1383 0-1  M Kats 1091
R Burnett 1374  0-1  D Coleman 1056

Sadly, once again this season, our C team failed to take advantage of a clear grading difference and conceded another point. We’ve all been culpable – myself more than most -and it’s been a disappointment so far. Still time to make amends, but needs to happen quickly! Credit to Daniel’s team for a fine performance.

Newport Knights B  1-3  Dundee D

S Finnie 1379  1-0  M Whisson 948
R Mclaren 1122  0-1  H Meadows 840
F Rossiter 777  0-1  T Rosazza
A Wallace  0-1  R Bremner

In contrast, on Wednesday our D team travelled to the always welcoming premises of Newport and managed an excellent result. Well done guys!

Club Night


Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. The club championship still has 6 matches to be played. This has to be done by the 31st January. There are 2 matches this Tuesday the 14th January. Dundee A versus Castlehill C and Dundee C versus Castlehill E. The club also has a Richardson Cup match against Edinburgh. This is being played at Inchture Hotel on Saturday 18th January.

Burnett – Robertson