Result TAFCA Online League

Last night saw the first of the New TAFCA Online League take place.  We have 4 teams in this competition 2 in div 1 and 2 in div 2. Last night saw 2 of them play each other, Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus`. This was a hard fought contest with the Centrosaurus’ coming out on top.  Final result was Dundee Centrosaurus` 2½ – 1½ Dundee Datousaurus`. Tonight sees another match this time Kirkcaldy B v Newport Knights Bells. You can watch the matches live and play through last nights games. Click here and go to the TAFCA website and click on the links. 

TAFCA League online first match

The first match in the New TAFCA online League is tonight at 7:30 pm its Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus`. You can find teams details and a link for each game to allow you to watch the games live at these links Click here for spreadsheet of Dundee Matches or click here for matches on this week.