Castlehill F  v  Dundee B


TAFCA Division 1

Castlehill F  0-4  Dundee B

  1. J Dickson                 0-1    R Bremner 1795E
  2. N Dickson               0-1    G Robertson 1560
  3. A Ramachandran  0-1     J Anderson 1540
  4. B Marshall              0-1    R Flood 1475

A perhaps expected scoreline against a team of inexperienced youngsters (and Rishi’s mum!) but far from straightforward. None of these players are pushovers in any way, and are developing very well. Noah had Gordon in trouble early on, and will learn from this. Josh and Ananthi took their opponents into endings that were comfortable enough for us, but a fine effort. My own opponent also offered stubborn resistance until an unfortunate error. I attach the game as it’s the only one I have the score of! This will be a downside of going back to OTB.

Castlehill F face a tough season being plunged into Division 1, but it is what it is. They will certainly not be daunted, and will hopefully enjoy and learn from the experience.