Junior Club

The pandemic has of course been extremely disruptive for the club, but we have at least been able to keep playing throughout in our online activities. Not so great for our ever enthusiastic junior members though, who are clearly missing their friends and their weekly coaching sessions.
But we have now set our junior online club in motion. Jim and Alastair are now running a Zoom coaching meeting every second Monday starting 7.45pm from next week, and a LiChess event that allows the juniors to play each other for 1½ hours once a week. This is for all levels from complete beginner to stronger players. Further information can be had from Jim at dundeechess@gmail.com. and any interested new members can contact Jim there too.

Club Championship Round 4

Round 4 starts now. Game must be played by 23rd April 2021

A lot of the players are busy and have a lot of games so I’ve decided that there will only be a game played by date. White players should contact there opponents with a couple of dates to play the game.

ust be played by 16th April 2021

A lot of the players are busy and have a lot of games so I’ve decided that there will only be a game played by date. White players should contact there opponents with a couple of dates to play the game.

Club Championship 2020-21

The Club Championship starts this Tuesday 22nd December 7:30pm. If you are not able to play on this date please rearrange with your opponent and play it by 12th January. 

The time control is 45min +15sec per move. The white player must start the game.

Newport Knights B  4-0  Dundee E

Newport Knights B  4-0  Dundee E 

D Cairns 1391  1-0  H Meadows 870

S Finnie 1340  1-0  P Gibson 817

A Sneddon 1335 1-0  S Mckenzie 556

A Wallace 1074 1-0  M Wang 460


Doubt our lads could have expected much out of this encounter. They fought the good fight but were outplayed by their much more experienced opponents. Scott made Angus work harder for his win than he’d have anticipated, but the game and ending were always lost.

But the purpose of the E team is to blood new players, young and not-so, and for everyone to enjoy some competitive chess. Hopefully that’s the case, and the team will face easier opposition in the season.

Games will appear here later  http://tafca.co.uk/winter-league/

Dundee D 2-2 Kirkcaldy B

A Woodcock  1343  ½-½  P Anderson 1325

T Rosazza 1220  0-1  E Henderson 1282

A Kennan 1200(e)  1-0  P Selbie  1263

M Whisson 1038  ½-½  B Geddes 1189

As close and tense as the gradings pointed to. Thibault’s ambitious sacrificial attack wasn’t quite sound, but as both players mishandled the complications, it could have been OK. But further pressing was too much and Euan took the point. Max defended well from a two pawn deficit, and a few slips by Bruce secured the half. Alan was his usual solid self to split the point with Paul, but Andy had every reason to be pleased with his enterprising play that led the experienced Peter astray and rescued the match draw.

Well done to the D team in getting on the scores board against a good side. All games will be on the TAFCA website soon    http://tafca.co.uk/winter-league/

Back In Business

It’s been a long and very difficult period for everyone, some much more than others of course. Hopefully everyone is well and keeping safe.

Chess may seem a bit trivial by comparison to what’s happening in the world now, but everyone needs a break from the new routine, and chess is what we love, so some great people are doing all they can to ensure we can continue with our hobby/career/way of life/addiction in as near normal a fashion as possible!

The recently ended TAFCA Summer trial league proved a big success with huge thanks to the organisers. And so we move into the full-blown regular TAFCA season, online for the first time. It’s chess life – not as we know it perhaps, but still fun and will keep us going till we meet again. We appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s all we have for the forseeable future, and we hope to have as close to a regular club season as we can.

Most of the events will be played on Lichess (lichess.org) which is an excellent platform for hosting everything. You will need an account on Lichess, but it’s completely free. You will need to join a couple of ‘teams’ – Dundee Chess Club and TAFCA League Online. All pretty straightforward, but email Jim – chessmad501@gmail.com or text 07703735350 if you have any problems. A couple of links below will tell you all you need to know.


Video guides to Playing on Lichess

Dundee teams and captains etc for new season.

player             pnum     grade      lichess handle            email

A Team – captain Alan Borwell

Jacques Ophoff  29574   2257   realpioneer     jacques.ophoff@gmail.com

David Findlay  3919        2150   finlidor          davidjfindlay@doctors.org.uk

Ed Spencer       6072        2127   hedgehog110    ed.spencer38@yahoo.co.uk

Stephen Hogg  4365        2027   doash                 stephenhogg64@hotmail.com

Gary Weir         6434       1881                             Gary.weir@rocketmail.com

B Team – captain John Robertson

Alan Borwell      3239     1842     alibor                alanborwell@btinternet.com

Alastair Dawson 13697    1800    Terrydactil        alastairdawson@icloud.com

Frank Stevenson  6107       1624      Paco1960            fstevenson60@yahoo.co.uk

John Robertson   6807          1562      LocheeShuffle          johnrb2112@aol.com

C Team – captain Ray Flood

James Anderson     3051   1540   chessmad501         chessmad@sky.com

Ray Flood              3951      1475   AlfyDoor              alfydoor@blueyonder.co.uk

Bruce Wallace         7607      1430    Bruciebaby         brucewallace162@btinternet.com

George G Burton       7491    1350   WeeGeorgie          ggburton53@gmail.com

D Team – captain Thibault Rosazza

Alan R Woodcock    6533    1343                                         woodcock16@btinternet.com

Thibault Rosazza   29391    1220    Pirneote                      thibault.rosazza@gmail.com

Andy Kennan          29412  1200     AndyK22

Max Whisson           27745 1038      Maximilian_Whisson     steve.whisson@hutton.ac.uk

E Team – captain Jim Anderson

Jean Chalmers           3475  1005      TheDuchess1              jeanchalmers48@gmail.com

Christine Sim            18987 998                                             cms391@outlook.com

Norrie Carroll            28213  917      Tiggy11                        norrie.carroll@btinternet.com

Henri Meadows         27916   870     HJMeadows                  henrijamesmeadows@gmail.com

Peter Gibson             28212    817       PeterGib                         petergibson1@sky.com

Scott McKenzie         26931   556    macoinneach                  macoinneach@yahoo.co.uk

Max Wang                 28556   460    fairtugboat                       tracymozzer@yahoo.com


There will of course be club championships and hopefully other activities to keep us all active as a club. Everything will be reported and everyone will be kept in the loop. Stay tuned to the site and Facebook. Take Care everyone.


Club Chess

Due to the current COVID situation we cannot play over the board chess at St Peters as the church is closed for now. However we have been playing online league chess and intend to have an online winter tournament. If anyone is interested please contact Jean Chalmers on 07944221925 or Jim Anderson on 07703735350 for more information.