Dundee Championship 2023 – 24

Round 2 will take place on Monday 15th January 2024 if you are unable to play please rearrange a new date with your opponent before the next round starts. (also let Organisers know at dundeechess@gmail.com)  

Board Name Points Result Name Points
1 Ophoff Jacques 1 Burnett Robert 1
2 Seijas Otero Ana Belen 1 Findlay David J 1
3 Spencer Edwin A 1 Agnew Ronnie 1
4 Collins Andrew 1 Dawson Alastair G 1
5 Smart Doug 1 Drabych Vladyslav 1
6 Emery Keith 1 Sim Christine 1
7 Ewing David 1 Kinnell Jonathan 1
8 Clark Adam ½ Sloan Marc 1
9 Wallace Bruce 0 Crofts Joshua ½
10 Sloan Diego 0 McInally Kerr 0
11 Lever James 0 Watson Thomas 0
12 Soutar Amy 0 Bisset Lewis 0
13 Docherty Hugh 0 Soutar Brian 0
14 McHugh Kara 0 Carroll Norrie 0
15 Meadows Henri 0 Leaburn Jnr Steven 0
Wilk Hubert 0 Bye  

You will find updates to club championship here.

31st October 2023
The first round draw will be posted on the 3rd November 2023.
If you name is not on starting list and you still wish to play please contact Organisers at dundeechess@gmail.com 
Round 1 will take place on Monday 13th November 2023 if you are unable to play please rearrange a new date with your opponent before the next round starts. (also let Organisers Know at dundeechess@gmail.com) 

Here is the starting rank for club championship.

Rank after round1

Name Grade Points
1 Drabych Vladyslav 1660 1
2 Emery Keith 1533 1
3 Ophoff Jacques 2253 1
4 Findlay David J 2163 1
5 Spencer Edwin A 2132 1
6 Dawson Alastair G 1764 1
7 Seijas Otero Ana Belen 1370 1
8 Burnett Robert 1318 1
9 Collins Andrew 1300 1
10 Agnew Ronnie 1150 1
11 Sim Christine 984 1
12 Kinnell Jonathan 1432 1
13 Smart Doug 1145 1
14 Sloan Marc 870 1
16 Ewing David 1100 1
17 Clark Adam 1500 ½
18 Crofts Joshua 1629 ½
19 Hashie David 880 0
20 Carroll Norrie 938 0
21 Meadows Henri 885 0
22 Wallace Bruce 1435 0
23 McHugh Kara 55 0
24 Leaburn Jnr Steven 0 0
25 McInally Kerr 1060 0
26 Lever James 1050 0
27 Bisset Lewis 1000 0
28 Docherty Hugh 955 0
29 Sloan Diego 865 0
30 Watson Thomas 800 0
31 Wilk Hubert 0 0
32 Soutar Amy 700 0
33 Soutar Brian 50 0
34 Bremner Jonathan 1105 1
35 Stewart Andrew 700 0
36 Maxwell - McQeeney Declan 880 0
22 Maxwell - McQueeney Laura 0 0


Round 1 will take place on Monday 13th November 2023 if you are unable to play please rearrange a new date with your opponent before the next round starts. (also let Organisers know at dundeechess@gmail.com)  


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Round 3 start date will be announced later

Round 4 start date will be announced later

Round 5 start date will be announced later



  1. This completion is open to club members only.
  2. FIDE rules of chess apply except were amended herein by Dundee Chess Club.
  3. All matches will be played on a “CLUB NIGHT” on the date assigned for each round. If you cant play on the designated night please rearrange another date (the round must be played by the Monday before the next round starts and organisers informed of new date)


  1. All players must be paid up members of the club. The committee and competition organiser can grant an exception to this rule under certain circumstances (Example: new member joining late in the season?).


  1. Each player shall have a grading, using the following order below:
  2. a) Chess Scotland published standard grading; b) Chess Scotland live grading; c) Chess Scotland published allegro grading; d) Chess Scotland live allegro grading; e) Another national association or FIDE grading, accordingly converted; f) Estimated grading given by the Internal competition organiser.
  3. All games results played will be sent for grading to Chess Scotland.


  1. The closing date for entries will be set by the competition organiser and these will be displayed on our website.
  2. Players can enter during the competition at any time.
  3. The OTB Championship will be a 5 round Swiss event using either a computer pairing program or by hand using Swiss pairing rules.
  4. The draw will be made by the competition organiser and emailed to all players; published on our website and on the club notice board (if one has one!). In all rounds the first player named has white.
  5. All matches will be a fixed a date by default (Club Championship night). The match shall be played on this date unless prior agreement by the internal competition organiser.
  6. Any matches not played by the deadline will be defaulted by the offending player or players, unless an extension is granted by the competition organiser. If a player defaults for a second time they shall be withdrawn from competition and a report will be sent to the committee for possible further action if required.
  7. When the draw is published, “BOTH PLAYERS” must make a serious attempt to contact their opponent or risk defaulting the match. In the event of any problems, players must contact the competition organiser.


  1. The scoring shall be: Win = 1 point; Draw = ½ point; Loss = Zero points.


  1. Any player may request a ½ point bye in the first 4 rounds only.


  1. Time-Control used is 1hr 15min +10sec a move. minutes each player,
  2. Matches should start at 7:30pm, unless both players have agreed a different time (venue time limits permitting). In the event of an opponent not being present, clocks “MUST” be started 15 minutes after 7:30pm or the agreed start time.
  3. If a player is still not present after 30 minutes have passed on their clock, they will be defaulted unless their opponent and internal competition organiser are happy to reschedule (time permitting!).


  1. Players will be placed in highest point’s order, with the player(s) with the most points after the 5 rounds becoming champion(s).


  1. No tie-breaks in club championship (see trophies).


  1. Club Champion.


The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.