Club Championship Update


Round Three

D Findlay 2150 ½-½ A Dawson 1795

Alastair writes:

Here is the game – it is not long but it is fascinating for a particular reason. I played David at the Invercarse Allegro and was well-beaten in the same starting variation. In that game Black captured the pawn on e4 and White recaptured with the Knight. I thought at the time that capturing the pawn might not be the best since it partly wastes a tempo, it allows White to develop a Knight to a central square and lastly it pretty much leaves Black with just the sole plan of ..c5 as the central break and this, in itself, requires some preparation. Instead of all of this, Black in this game took the view – why capture on e4? After all, we have reached a French advanced sort of position except that Black’s bad bishop is already outside the pawn chain. So Black decided to leave the ..d5 pawn in place – but he also decided not to double White’s f-pawns by ..Bf3 since by making this capture gives White a plan of f4-f5 and it also gives White a half-open g-file – does Black castle into this? For these reasons the game stays completely equal, the Queens come off then the Rooks and then an amicable draw.

Standings after Round Three

1Ophoff Jacques22573
2Anderson James1540
3Findlay David2150
4Dawson Alastair1795
5Spencer Edwin21272
6Flood Raymond14752
7Hughes Lloyd1754
8Emery Keith1689
9Burnett Robert1337
10Wallace Bruce14301
11Woodcock A13431
12Crofts Joshua16600

Round Four

1Ophoff Jacques3Findlay David J
2Dawson Alastair GAnderson James
3Flood Raymond22Spencer Edwin A
4Burnett RobertHughes Lloyd
5Woodcock Alan R1Emery Keith
6Crofts Joshua01Wallace Bruce