Dundee B v Castlehill D


Dundee B vCastlehill D 
1 1560 Gordon RobertsonB ½v ½ Trevor HarleyW 1333
2 1546 Jim AndersonW 1v 0 Gordon ThomasB 1292
3 1533 Keith EmeryB ½v ½ Norman WaughW 1158
4 1442 Ray FloodW ½v ½ Moritz BogsB 1120e

A perhaps tougher than would have been anticipated result given the gradings difference, but that comes down to the apparently now standard problem of players far better in strength than their ratings, published or estimated.

An important result for the B team though, but with a tough run of fixtures to come, work is still needed to stay in the top division. A C Team promotion to save them this season is unlikely to say the least!