Dundee Club Championship 2018-19 Round 5 Update

The final round of the Dundee Club Championship is now underway. With David Findlay having overcome Euan Dawson is a closely fought match, David now sits on 4.5/5. Alastair Dawson (3) is paired against Declan Shafi (3.5) in the final. The result of this match will determine whether Declan ties with David for the championship title or whether David wins the trophy outright.

David Findlay 3.5         1-0        Euan Dawson 3.0

Alastair Dawson 3.0                  Declan Shafi 3.5

Paul Shafi  2.5                            Frank Stevenson 3.0

Ray Flood  2.0   1-0 def.             Jim Anderson  2.5

Laurenziu Archip 2.0                 Murad Abdulla 2.0

David Sim  2.0                             Alan Borwell 2.0

Others: Peter Gibson (1.5) vs Andy; Christine Sim (1) vs Alan Woodcock (1.5); Roert Burnett (1) vs Jean Chalmers (1) and Zdenek Swaczyna (1) vs Norrie Carroll (1).