E Team v St Andrews C

A very wild night! Really, all four games could have gone either way, but unfortunately it was our guys who made the last crucial mistake in each game, and allowed their opponents to finish them off.

A sobering introduction for our two debutants. Steven will be particularly disappointed after winning queen for knight early on, only to gradually lose his extra material over the course of play. Keith also went through an extraordinary sequence of moves where he was losing, then winning, then worse, then winning, then… before finally falling into a mate in one, when he could have won his opponent’s queen the previous move.

But it’s a first game, which is never easy, and the next game will be better. The E team is particularly there to give new players an intro to competitive chess, even in its current online version. The important thing is to learn, either from self-study, engines, or at the club where we’ll be happy to go over the games with them.